$75.00 (45min)

Jet Clear Hydro Facial uses sterile saline solution to gently  “power wash” the dead skin cells from the face.  It deep cleanses the pores removing oils and toxins. You get a natural healthy glow and wonderfully fresh look to the face, neck and decollate.  Because of the natural cooling effect of high pressure hydration it performs as a significant anti-inflamation cooling during the procedure.  It can be used on all skin types and most skin conditions such as deep wrinkles, acne, melasma, and rosacea.

  • Our Jet Clear  facial machine is the hot new “cool” exfoliation!
  • Clients love the clean fresh feel that the Jet Clear  machine delivers!
  • Every skin type benefits from treatment from the Jet Clear facial machine
  • It can be used on most skin conditions: deep wrinkles, acne, melasma and rosacea
  • Cleanse pores and exfoliate in the hard to reach areas such as nose bridge, under eyes, eye brows, piercings, even lips!
  • No more flaking, red bumps, burning, or “cat licking” feel as with other procedures- simply cool and relaxing.
  • Jet Clear Hydro Exfoliation is a great service to add revenue from existing clients and bring in new.

Jet Clear penetrates, rejuvenates and oxygenates your skin by infusing oxygen into the deep dermis to recharge and revitalize skin cells, improving skin texture, tone and color.  Jet Clear is an all natural air and water dermal infusion.

With our deep serum add-on services the solution is applied after the exfoliation as a finishing treatment.  We achieve penetration without needles.  These services  can also be combined with other treatments such as chemical peel, laser resurfacing and microcurrent.