Minus 10 Kit



Product Description

Minus 10 Daily Regimen

A consistent daily A.M./P.M. regimen will bring your skin to its optimum potential for healthy, luminous skin.


Step One:

Cleanse.  Apply cleanser to skin with moist hands or wet fingertips and work into skin until there is a mild lather 2-3 minutes.  Use white cloth or disposable gauze to thoroughly remove cleanser.  Be sure skin is dry and squeaky clean. Most under cleanse and over moisturize? Be thorough.

Step Two: 

Nourish. Apply a few drops of AGE less to skin; follow with 2-3 drops of Infuse 7.  Note:  Creating cocktails are an effective, quick way to apply product.  Blend 2-3  drops of each serum and apply to face and neck.  Let absorb and remain on skin.  OPTION:  May include Peptide 38 for more peptide support.

Step Three: 

Protect.  Pump a generous amount of Sheer Tint Finisher into hand and smooth onto skin over cocktail.  Let absorb and remain on skin.  May apply mineral powder for foundation over cream.  90% of skin aging is due to sun damage!


Step One: 

Cleanse.  Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.  Pat skin dry.

Step Two: 

Correct.  Pump 2-3 drops of ChronoPeptide A into hand and apply to entire face and neck and smooth in.  (May apply around eye area every other night.)  * How often you use ChronoPeptide A initially will be determined by your skin issue – seek guidance from your skin care professional. Alternate with Step Two:  Rebuild.  Apply Peptide 38 for continued change and maintenance.  Pump 2-3 drops of Peptide 38 into hand and apply to skin; may add a drop of Infuse 7 for additional absorption and support and hydration.

Step Three: 

Eyes.  Stipple a drop of Eye & Lip Renew Serum around entire eye area – eye lids, crow’s feet and under eyes in addition to lip area to soften fine lines and maintain moisture.  Lightly pat in and leave on overnight.


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