Everlasting Summer

Introducing Evolve Airbrush Tanning Heat Infused Spray Tan

We recommend booking your appointment 3 days prior to an event and always allow ½ inch of growth for the smoothest, most effective removal.

  • Fragrance Free (that’s right-completely odorless)
  • Dries Faster, Lasts Longer
  • Able to Shower within 4 Hours
Everlasting Summer

Our heat infused spray tan enhances your body’s natural curves and contours, leaving you with the appearance of a slimmer, more defined physique. Let Renew Skin Spa sculpt your arms, abs, calves, accentuate cleavage and create the illusion of slimmer thighs and toned arms.

Want to extend the life of your tan? Upgrade with an enhancer to include a pre and post spray. The pre spray is formulated to open pores and prepare the skin for the solution, perfect for those coming from work or the gym. The post spray locks in color extending the life of the tan for an additional 2-4 days.

The tan begins with a head-to-toe natural spray-on tan followed by additional color applied strategically to the areas you wish to accentuate. The color fades evenly and gradually over the course of 4-7 days. For best results, maintain your Sculpted Tan with weekly appointments.

We recommend that before your Evolve Spray Tan, you exfoliate but skip moisturizer as it creates a barrier between your skin and the spray tan. Shaving is an exfoliant so make sure to shave or wax a few days before your spray tan appointment. Be sure to wear dark, loose clothing to prevent smears and stains. Lengthen the life of your spray tan by using a sunless self-tanner.

  • Pricing Level 1 and 2 Full body – $35.00
  • Pack of 4 – $100.00
  • Pre Enhancer (Great for Dry Skin) add – $5.00
  • Post Enhancer (locks in Color) Add – $5.00