Treatments that are Right for You

Renew skin spa offer two different waxes for the most comfortable experience. Our hard wax is used on more sensitive prone areas. This wax adheres only to the hair and not the skin, this will reduce the instance of ingrown hairs and excessive redness. Our strip wax is used to increase speed on areas that are not as sensitive like legs and arms.

We recommend booking your appointment 3 days prior to an event and always allow ½ inch of growth for the smoothest, most effective removal.


  • Brow Shaping – $15.00 & up
  • Upper Lip – $10.00
  • Chin – $12.00
  • Sides of Face – $25.00
  • Under arms – $17.00 & up
  • Lower Arms – $20.00 & up
  • Upper Arms – $20.00 & up
  • Full Arms – $35.00 & up
  • Lower Leg – $35.00 & up
  • Upper Leg – $45.00 & up
  • Full Leg – $60.00 & up
  • Bikini – $30.00 & up
  • Brazilian – $65.00 & up
  • Back – $50.00 & up
  • Shoulders – $25.00 & up
  • Neck – $20.00 & up
  • Feet – $20.00 & up
  • Chest – $50.00 & up
  • Brow – $15.00
  • Lash – $20.00

Laser Hair Removal

Fastest removal of unwanted hair

Laser Hair Removal is useful for removing hair from any part of the body where hair is undesired.

Lasers can selectively treat dark hair; each pulse takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time. The laser can treat an area the size of a nickel in every second. Small areas such as the lip and chin can be treated very quickly and areas such as the back or legs can take up to 2 hours.

90% of patients have a permanent hair reduction after 4-6 treatments.

What to Expect

Just before the procedure the hair will be trimmed to the surface of the skin if not done so. It is best to arrive to your appointment with hair already trimmed or shaved. The laser will be adjusted according to skin type and hair thickness. A cool gel will be applied to the area and the laser will glide over the area being treated. The pulses of light are very warm and ice is applied for comfort. After the treatment the area will be pink and possibly slightly swollen (the same reaction as most people have to waxing). This is usually gone with-in a few hours. Your next treatment will be scheduled 4-6 weeks later.

If there is regrowth before your next appointment, you can shave or cut the hair, do not pluck or wax.